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3D Sleeping Eye Mask for Travel Rest

★Super Slim : Our eye masks are made with an opaque, high density Memory Foam. The mask is only 0.4oz and 0.6cm thick. This slim, comfortable mask blocks light perfectly to ensure a wonderful night!
★Super Soft : Our 3D eye shades have large eye cavities; we use 3D tech to tune sizes, ensuring your comfort. We raised the nasal bridge and thickened the canthus. It will also never smudge your makeup!
★Super Fit : The PrettyCare blindfold fits any face easily. The new velcro design has a 9cm range which adjusts to 20cm. It seals well without tugging your hair. Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime, for Anyone.
★Super Quality: Our Eye Masks comply to Oeko-Tex Standards and the international high standards: Anti-fade, anti-bacterial and anti-mite. We use precision CNC lathes for smooth edges and firm joints.
★Super Experience: Our sleeping mask comes with 2 high-quality earplugs and a silk travel pouch to allow you to enjoy great sleep anywhere, anytime. Providing the best product is our greatest pursuit.


Why is this mask so important?

If you want to have the best possible sleep, even during the day, the most important thing to do is eliminate light.

When it is dark your body converts serotonin to melatonin, the sleep hormone. This makes you sleep. When it is light, your body does the opposite, converting that melatonin back into serotonin, waking you up. 

"Exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from the eye to parts of the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide-awake." - The National Sleep Foundation

Even the smallest amount of light can interfere with this process.

This is why we say that eliminating light is the most important factor when trying to sleep better.

Eliminating all light is hard to do, especially during the day

Light has a way of getting in anywhere it can. Even if you make your room as dark as possible, you may still notice a difference in darkness and sleep quality when wearing a sleep mask.

The best mask for the best sleep

Here at SkyPillow we are all about LOVING comfortable sleeping experience, not just liking them, or tolerating them, or "getting through" them, which is why we only sell one mask. The best mask.

Experience the best possible sleep every time

Imagine going to bed knowing you had done everything you could to ensure you had the best sleep possible.

What's having the best possible sleep every time worth to you?

Consider our sleep mask an investment. Think of everything that will improve if you were better rested. Your health, your career and your lifestyle.

Our mask is designed to last, some of our customers have been using theirs to sleep better for over 2 years now

Think about how much money you would spend just on coffee to keep you awake during that time. The cost of our mask spread out over 2 years of sleeping is next to nothing. If it improves your sleep even half as much as some of our customers have said it has improved theirs, the only thing you'll regret is not getting one sooner. 

Is it really that important?

As mentioned earlier, eliminating light is the single most important factor when it comes to getting a better sleep. So before you buy any sleeping pills, expensive pillows etc, focus on the most important, easy and safe method of improving sleep. 

Better Sleep Guarantee

We are so confident that our sleep mask will improve your sleep that if after using our mask for you do not feel that it has improved your sleep we will give you a full refund.

Do not go another round of nights without one

Click Add to Cart and we will send yours out to you so you can start sleeping better as soon as possible.